Vendor Advantage Program

For more than 15 years, iStock_000021450945_LargeMartin Military Inc. has been helping vendors improve their bottom line, and their cash flow, with our Vendor Advantage Program. The program was created because we recognized the need for vendors to focus on selling, without wasting time quoting countless companies, when they had just one order to look forward to, despite all the work they put into providing numerous quotes.

These vendors are now far more efficient, in quoting and selling their military spares, because Martin Military’s Vendor Advantage Program works.

Please understand that we are not attempting to solicit an exclusive relationship with your company, but rather, we want to work along with you to maximize efficiency, get you paid faster, and eliminate wasted time and effort by reducing the redundancy of your sales team.

Martin Military’s Vendor Advantage Program offers manufacturers these advantages:

  1. Save time by providing one quote for one order!
  2. Work with a company you can trust to perform on what we promise!
  3. Improve cash flow, and the cost of collecting your money!
  4. Reduce paperwork and redundancy!
  5. Receive overnight payment of your invoice as soon as the order is ready to ship!
  6. We will handle all of the logistics of the order, from start to finish!
  7. Everyone is quoted, and at the same price. No one is precluded from competing for an award!
  8. We DO NOT quote the government directly, under this arrangement!
  9. There are no contracts to sign!

Please allow an opportunity to prove to you how well, and how efficient this program is! It’s simple, and you can start today!!!

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